Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420

Leadership and management skills are essential assets for any role in today’s career market. Being able to communicate well and build strong relationships with your team will be enormously helpful whether you’re a manager, consultant or CEO/owner of your own company. If you’re looking to advance in yourself no matter what your position, these skills will be and are considered high value demanding above average market remuneration.

It’s a daily challenge to plan, organise, implement and monitor a team’s workload, while also maintaining your own. So, our Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420 is the ideal course to increase your skills and knowledge. You’ll learn to lead and manage your team more efficiently and get the results needed.

Our online course provides a wealth of information about how to:

Our industry experts and facilitators have collaborated to create course units based on real-life case studies and examples. So, you can be sure you’re getting highly practical and industry-applicable advice that you can implement immediately.

If you also want to complete higher qualifications in project management, business management and other related areas, this course will provide a solid foundation.

Course Breakdown

The Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB50420 will require you to complete 12 units of competency – 6 core units and 6 elective units.

You will have up to 12 months to complete this course. If you require more time, read about your extension options in our student handbook or contact our office.

These units of competency have been selected in consultation with industry experts along with our facilitators who draw upon real-life case studies and examples to ensure the knowledge you gain is practical and applicable to the industry.

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