About Techskill Academy

(RTO licence: 45055)

Techskill Academy is a fully licensed and Registered Training Organisation (Provider License: 45055). With over 50+ years of industry experience across our team, we make it our mission to help improve your career and business outcomes by preparing you for success through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, affordable nationally accredited online courses tailored learning and training solutions.

Whether you’re a sole trader, small business owner, decision-maker of a large corporate organisation, sub-contractor, or employee, we believe everyone deserves to learn, develop, and improve anytime, anywhere. That is why we have created a flexible learning environment to meet your busy schedules, lifestyle, and budget. 

We deliver quality assured, nationally accredited education through various methods including:

Online delivery

Students are given a unique login details to access their units including the online content and assessments through the online learning system. Students must complete and submit their assessment questions through the online portal. Assessor feedback will be provided against each activity within the online portal. Students will receive 2 units at a time through their online portal.

Distance delivery

Students are given access to the learning and assessment materials for each unit of competency in printed format or Microsoft Word. Please note, these options are available for select programs only. Call us today for more information.

On-site Classroom Learning

Available on-site at Techskill Academy, this is a highly effective method available for group learning, perfect for corporate organisations or businesses with 10 or more employees.

On-site classroom learning contain mandatory classroom sessions that must be attended to pass each unit of competency.

The unit criteria will be covered during the face-to-face delivery including the completion of the assessments.

Regardless of which delivery method you choose, our programs are designed to provide real-world skills. When you choose to learn with Techskill Academy, you’ll gain the confidence knowing you’re ready to step up in your career, build a stronger network and accelerate growth on a personal and professional level.

Our mission

To help our students improve their business, career & personal outcomes by preparing them for success

Learn. Develop. Improve. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our vision

To positively impact the trades & service industry by delivering world-class online education solutions.

Core customer values

The greatest gift is the ability to resolve issues. If a customer has an issue, it’s simple, seek a solution and fix it.

If we make a mistake, we own it. Blame is not the answer.

If a customer asks for something outside the box. We think outside the box.

It’s better to be fast than slow. If a customer needs it quick, move swiftly.

Start with the customer and work backwards.

If our customers are not succeeding, we are not succeeding.

Core internal values

The Obstacle is the Way
Our biggest challenges will be our biggest opportunities. 

Work Ethic
Hard work will help us achieve more. Achieving more means we can help more people. That’s what we do.

Everything we do must have contribution. If it does not, think twice. 

The greatest gift is the ability to resolve issues. Let’s be focused on solutions and not issues.

If first you don’t succeed. Do it again, but do it better.

It’s better to be honest and lose than to be dishonest and win.

We’ve always done it this way. The most dangerous phrase in business.

Our financial success can help many people. Our failure will help no one.

We are Wolves
We forge our own path. We are leaders not followers.

Think Bigger
We are only limited by our inability to think big.

Our history

Techskill Academy (formerly known as Tecskill Training) was born during a period of rapid expansion in the trades where qualified personnel were in high demand at the height of the Australian (CSG) Coal Seam Gas boom. In 2014, federal legislation mandated that all people working in the oil and gas and upstream construction industry had to meet national standards and be certified with the appropriate accredited qualifications.

We were approached by one of the world’s largest energy companies to assist with developing training strategies to accommodate these legislative changes. Shortly after Techskill Academy applied to ASQA (Australian Skills & Quality Authority) to become a registered and licensed training provider, which was approved by both an independent and federal regulator in November 2016.

Since then, we have supported many businesses including some of the world’s largest oil & gas, building, and construction companies to develop training strategies to accommodate these legislative changes. In addition, we’ve developed many nationally accredited industry programs which helped many people gain industry knowledge and the qualifications required to increase their employability and income. We pride ourselves on innovation and always thinking outside the box to contribute our efforts to your personal development and business growth plan.

Today, Techskill Academy’s products and services are available nationwide across Australia with a dedicated team of industry professionals, customer-centric and solutions-focused people, ready to listen attentively to your needs and support your learning journey from start to completion.

View our online courses or contact us by submitting the form below to speak to one of our Education Consultants for educational guidance today.

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Paul Foy
Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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"Professional and easy to work with. I have recommended this RTO to other Project Managers in my industry."
Bennett Zanner
Certificate III in Landscape Construction AHC30916
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"The dedicated team at Techskill Academy was very helpful and professional. They were quick and easy to deal with. Special thanks to Blake and the rest of the team. Would highly recommend! "
Kane Constructions
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB41415
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"We wanted a course that was tailored to our company Safety system. We also wanted scheduled face to face group sessions relevant to the construction industry. Techskill Academy listened to our needs and provided a great course and dovetailed a great course facilitator. The communication from Techskill Academy was clear and the personnel management efficient and thorough. The feedback from our participants was very positive and they gained valuable knowledge. Well Done.”
Nadine Czerner
Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) CPC60212
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"Techskill assessed all of my skills and experience and were able to recognise that experience as prior learning. I was able to upgrade from my 20 year old Associate Diploma to an Advanced Diploma with recognised prior learning from all of my on the job experience."
Andrew Spencer
Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50210
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"We have completed multiple courses with TechSkill Academy and always found the process easy and very helpful."
James Barker
Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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"Fast, thorough, polite, punctual, friendly, easy. TechSkill Academy clearly provide a good service and run a very efficient business!"
Michael Rahilly
Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) CPC60212
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I utilised Techskill to guide me through the RPL process whilst looking to obtain my Advanced Diploma in Building. I found the process to be streamlined and extremely straight forward (thanks to the excellent support from the team who were assigned to me). What I thought would be a long and arduous process became simplified and easy to finalise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Techskill to anyone looking to obtain their chosen qualifications."
Craig Macdonald
Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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"Hi my name is Craig Macdonald I have just studied and passed the Diploma of Project Management. I was totally impressed with the system of teaching, the follow up from staff ,admin, teachers this has been the best online study I have experienced. I would highly recommend this company to any one thinking of advancing their knowledge or career. Thank you Techskill."
James Kerr
Certificate III in Landscape Construction AHC30916
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"Old fashion amazing customer service and first-class assistance to complete my Cert III. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team!"
Cameron Rattray
Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50210
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"Over all process was good, went smooth and quickly Blake Florimo was very easy to deal, any questions I had he was all over it. would recommend Techskill just because of him."
Darrell Jennings
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB41415 & Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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“Many thanks to Techskill Academy for a great professional service. Highly recommend this organisation for recognising prior learning skills. Speak to Ronnie today!”
Dean Taaffe
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB41415 & Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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“My experience was positive. The course was broken up into 6 sections making it easier to understand and complete. (2 units per section) The training provider was very understanding towards this being a part time study with work being our main focus. The teachers all seem to have a wide experience of knowledge allowing the course to be relatable within my own field. 10 out of 10 service.”
Marcus Costar
Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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“Blake Florimo is awesome to deal with. His content and knowledge on subject is outstanding. His guidance throughout the RPL process was excellent. Always willing to help and always in contact throughout. Highly recommend Blake.”
Matt Thomas
Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50210
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“Techskill Academy really made the whole process very simple. I found that all the staff were very professional, and had good communication throughout. All in all, I would recommend Techskill Academy for any courses in the future!”
Aaron Lowe
Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) CPC60212
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“I have personally utilised the services of the Techskill Academy team to further advance my qualifications to upgrade my Builders Licence with QBCC and would have no hesitation in recommending them or engaging their services for other potential students in the future.”
Aron Willett
Diploma of Project Management BSB51415
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“Knowledgeable friendly staff that takes you on the learning journey and provide information every step of the way. You will feel comfortable and engaged at all times. I recommend learning with Techskill"
Jamie McKinless
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB41419
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“Great course, very good information explained well. Not just reading from a textbook, real-life situations and common sense learning included."
Daniel McCool
Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSB51319
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“Techskill Academy couldn't be more helpful. Any questions I had, they were only a quick phone call away. I would highly recommend them to anyone"
Thomas Melville
QLD Medium Rise Site Supervisor units derived from CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
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“It was a very smooth process, very easy to understand and follow with no issues throughout "