Medium Rise Site Supervisor QLD

The Medium Rise Site Supervisor Course is a nationally recognised program designed for experienced construction professionals who wish to obtain their Medium Rise Site Supervisor licence. This course provides formal eligibility to apply for the licence and covers the necessary competencies required by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Some of the benefits of this course include:

  1. Eligibility for a Site Supervisor licence: Successful completion of the course makes you eligible to apply for a Medium Rise Site Supervisor licence with the QBCC, a requirement to supervise construction projects in Queensland.
  2. Technical qualification: This course is a technical qualification derived from the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50220, which covers the essential competencies required by the QBCC.
  3. Comprehensive knowledge and skills: This course covers topics like building codes and standards for medium-rise building projects, quality standards for building and construction materials, contractor management, site surveys and set-out procedures, structural principles, construction work management, and more. This provides students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to supervise construction projects effectively.
  4. Current industry standards: Every unit in the course meets current industry standards and reflects the required skills and competencies.
  5. Pathway to further study: This course is a pathway to the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50220, allowing students to pursue further study and career advancement.

In summary, this course covers a comprehensive curriculum informed by current industry standards to ensure students gain the valuable knowledge and skills required to succeed as a Site Supervisor in the building and construction industry.

Course Breakdown

The Medium Rise Site Supervisor QLD program requires the completion of 8 units which are derived from the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50220. All units in this program are credit transferrable towards the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) CPC50220.

Students will have up to 12 months to complete this program. If the learner requires more time, please see extension options in our student handbook or contact our office.

The Medium Rise Site Supervisor QLD program has specific *prerequisite units outlined below.

Prior to commencing the CPCCBC5018 Apply structural principles to the construction of buildings up to three storeys, the RPL candidate must provide evidence of competency in the following 2 units:

* CPCCBC4053 Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Class 2 to 9 Type C buildings

* CPCCBC5001 Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Type B construction

Techskill Academy offers all units through full training and recognition of prior learning.

Delivery Options

This course is available through our online learning portal with full support provided by our student support team. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) can be conducted for one or all units. Speak to our team about applying for RPL. Participants applying for RPL will be required to provide 2 industry referees who can validate previous roles and experience. Blended learning options are available allowing participants to conduct a mix of both online training and recognition of prior learning (RPL). Access to a construction workplace, worksite or similar environment is required for this unit.

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