The Future Is Yours – Learn Something New

The pressure cooker experience of the pandemic has required us to rethink and revise our daily lives. For a large swath of Australians, how we work, learn and socialize has completely changed to some degree. The prolonged adjustment has been exhausting.

Although it is important to honour our experiences and be empathetic adapters, the individuals who find a way to accelerate while others are standing still
will thrive.

Are you accelerating growth or standing still?

We are all given the same 24 hours each day – how we use them is the differentiator. Reignite inspiration, invest in yourself and get motivated with learning something new.

Why should you learn something new?

Adding to your skillset not only increases confidence and competence, but it also feeds innovation. Whether it is reading a book or enrolling in a recognised course, stimulating your mind is a great way to rekindle motivation. If you have been standing still and need some quick tips on how to become motivated again, follow and practice these simple 5 steps:

1) Rethink Your Failure

Nobody likes to fail. Whether it’s a tanked job interview or a presentation gone wrong, you might be tempted to wallow and beat yourself up. But before you let negativity consume you, consider this: people who experienced failure towards a goal are people who underestimate how good their eventual success will feel. (Re-read that again!)

This behaviour is a defense mechanism designed to protect our egos. By underestimating how good it will feel when you succeed, there is actually a good chance you will lose motivation and not commit as fully and passionately to your goals. So, the next time you fail on the journey toward achieving a big goal, don’t downplay how good it will feel when you actually succeed. GO ALL IN, and your eventual success will be that much sweeter!

2) Write Down Your Goals
Why do you want to achieve next month? Next year? 10 years?…

Creating a vision and setting goals can help provide the motivation you need to achieve your personal and professional goals. Hence, instead of spending hours scrolling through social media, get a notebook and start writing your goals down. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or business owner, get a clear picture of where you want to be and then break your vision down into goals that will help you reach it.

If you’re finding it hard to do this yourself, give us a call on 1300 089 979. Techskill Academy offers FREE Consultation for anyone looking to improve their career or business outcomes. Our Consultants will work with you and provide advise on a plan that will help set you up on the right path.

3) Create Money Practice

Your finances should be an integral part of your self-care routine. Think of it as a lifelong journey. Once a week, take a step back to see if and where you’ve been overspending, under-saving and everything else in between. Much like exercising for physical well-being or meditate for your mental health, the time you dedicate to regularly reviewing your finances is a foundational element of self-care routine and the ability to start motivating yourself to achieve your goals.

4) Adopt A Growth Mindset

Your mindset is a spectrum. One side of the spectrum is a fixed mindset, while the other side is a growth mindset. Whether you succeed or fail, it’s the difference between thinking – I need to learn more about how to become a work health and safety officer versus I do not have the money and time to study a work health and safety course now, so there’s no point in trying.

Our mindset shapes whether we can learn, change and grow. People with a growth mindset believe their talents and abilities are developed through effort, teaching and practice. They believe anyone can improve and be smarter if they work at it. They’re open to new ideas and learning and see failures as opportunities.

A growth mindset is a valuable tool for managing the inevitable setbacks that will arise on your journey to success. And the good news is, anyone can adopt a growth mindset and it starts with focusing on learning. Seek out the best sources of information from within and outside the profession and focus on learning from the best. Read books, industry publications and quality blogs. Listen to podcasts, take up an online course or attend a webinar.

5) Learn To Become Your Own Cheerleader

For many, positive self-talk is a LEVEL 14 skill and we’re still on Level 2 trying to deal with that nasty inner voice that seems to think we can’t do anything right. That’s the voice that whispers, you’re not good enough for this after you’ve decided to falter on a big project. Our voice is one of our biggest obstacles. But, it can also be our biggest fan, our own cheerleader! So the next time you notice that little mini voice talking you out of your decision, start filtering in every positive aspect of the situation instead of filtering them out.

Start living in best-case scenario instead of worst-case scenario land as one of the greatest rags-to-rich entrepreneurs Jim Rohn once quoted – “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day”.

If you’re looking to launch your first business within the trades and services industry or need advice on recognised courses to help you change career, contact us today.

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