Top 5 Benefits Of Completing An Accredited Course

Understanding the difference between an Accredited Course versus a Non-Accredited course will assist you in selecting the right course(s) for your needs. Take a moment to read the below.

What is an Accredited course?

Accreditation is a formal confirmation that the training course is nationally recognised under the government’s National Vocational Education and Training Framework. This means it meets industry, enterprise, educational, legislative, or community needs. An accredited course also provides appropriate competency outcomes and gives the qualification legal status, as a bona fide qualification for employment and education purposes. Completion of an accredited course could have positive career outcomes due to state and federal employment policies. This is because some large corporate and government employers only employ candidates who have a formal education and have graduated at a specific level. Undergoing accredited training also shows potential employers your commitment to self-education and personal development.

What is a Non-Accredited course?

A non-accredited course has no connection to an external accreditation or professional body. Non-accredited courses focus on equipping the student with specific knowledge and skillsets. You can study a non-accredited course to help you with your current and future career, or If you are just genuinely interested about a particular subject.

There are many benefits in studying an accredited course instead of a non-accredited course and here are our top 5:

A stamp of approval

Having your learning accredited by a nationally recognised organisation is a stamp of approval which can enhance your resume. It gives you recognition for the quality and robustness of your education, and shows your willingness to upskill to employers “who are always on the lookout for proactive and hardworking individuals like yourself”. 

Increase staff retention

If you’re a team leader or if you run a business, supporting your staff’s professional development can help improve staff retention rates and reduce churn. Investing in your staff shows them that you care – and may increase their loyalty to your business.

Improve and enhance existing skills

An accredited course is a great way for you to target those skill areas that may be lacking or in need of enhancement. Accredited training can be utilised to shore up specific soft skills or technical skills that is required for a role you’ve been eyeing on. Employers love a pool of talented, skilled staff armed with the relevant tools and knowledge to go above and beyond in their job role! 

Bespoke to suit you

Many off-the-shelf training programs are broad in nature, and may contain aspects of learning that are not relevant or appropriate. By picking an accredited course, you are assured for the quality  assessment methods, delivery methods, learning outcomes and variations in learning styles are all components of training that you can tailor and adapt in order to make your training right for you and your employees.

Acknowledgment of achievement

Most of the time non-accredited courses are just that – you attend a workshop or training day and leave with nothing tangible to acknowledge the learning you have just undertaken. Accredited courses give you a certificate of completion or achievement to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that you have gained.

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