Assist with Workplace Compliance with WHS Laws BSBWHS412

In this course you’ll get the skills and knowledge you need to help establish and maintain workplace compliance with work health and safety (WHS) laws.

This includes identifying the applicable WHS laws, duties, rights, obligations and necessary actions to ensure that the workplace – and everyone within it – complies with WHS. This also includes helping advise on the legal duties, rights and obligations outlined in WHS legislation for individuals, parties and WHS regulators.

This course/unit derives from the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB41419.

The BSBWHS412 Assist with workplace compliance with WHS laws will give you the skills and knowledge to:

  • understand current WHS legal requirements
  • advise others on their WHS duties, responsibilities and obligations
  • assess WHS non-compliances and make recommendations
  • identify training gaps around work health and safety
  • create and modify workplace policies, procedures and processes.

This course is an ideal start to a diploma, certificate or other qualification in work health and safety.

Course Breakdown

You have up to 3 months to successfully complete all the training and assessment requirements in this course.

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