Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) CPC60220

CPC60220 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) is a must-have qualification for Construction Managers and Senior Managers in the Building and Construction industry. Here’s why:

  1. Career Progression: By enrolling in this course, you’ll have the opportunity to advance your career and make a name for yourself in this booming industry. You’ll acquire the necessary qualifications to apply for an open-class builder’s license, a crucial step in building your professional reputation and career prospects.
  2. Comprehensive Understanding: The program offers a comprehensive understanding of the systems and processes involved in Building, Construction, and Sustainability. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge required to manage construction projects effectively and efficiently, from start to finish.
  3. Application of Principles: This course teaches you how to apply structural principles, codes, standards, and legal obligations to ensure compliance and safety in construction projects, including high-rise and complex buildings. You’ll learn to minimise risks and prioritise the well-being of everyone involved in the project.
  4. In-Depth Knowledge: With this course, you’ll receive in-depth knowledge of critical topics such as WHS management systems, legal obligations in Building and Construction, building codes and standards, and structural principles for large and complex building projects. Additionally, you’ll learn about planning processes and contract administration, essential skills in the Building and Construction industry.
  5. Real-Life Scenarios: The course includes carefully crafted real-life scenarios designed by industry experts to meet current industry standards. These scenarios will prepare you for the challenges and demands of the Building and Construction industry, giving you the confidence and skills to thrive in your professional career.

In summary, CPC60220 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) is a highly beneficial qualification that will enhance your career prospects, deepen your knowledge of the industry, and prepare you to tackle the complex challenges of the Building and Construction sector.

This course is offered via RPL only. No online training is available.

Course Breakdown

The Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) CPC60220 requires the completion of 10 units comprising of 4 core units and 6 electives.

Students will have up to 3 months to complete this RPL only program. If the learner requires more time, please see extension options in our student handbook or contact our office.

Delivery Options

This course is only available via RPL, recognition of prior learning at this time. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) must be conducted for one or all units. This course is not offered via full online training. Speak to our team about applying for RPL. (Note: participants applying for RPL will be required to provide 2 industry referees who can validate previous roles and experience)

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