How to write a resume as a construction worker

In such a highly competitive job market, learning how to write a great resume as a construction worker could be the difference between landing a big job, or missing out.

Research suggests recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds skimming over a resume – that’s about the time it takes for two deep breaths. Making sure you stand out from other builders and construction workers is important.

The best chance to do that is with a well-written and engaging resume that highlights your skills and qualifications in the construction industry.

Before you sit down to start writing, you need to be clear about your objectives.

Hiring managers suggest using the same keywords from the job listing in your construction work experience and expertise sections will draw attention to your application. Be sure to highlight your skills as a construction worker from previous jobs and how they will be useful to the employer or contractor.

Most importantly, you need to make sure you’re qualified and include those qualifications on your resume. The construction industry is very broad, and there are many certificates you can gain by studying online building and construction courses to stand out from people who don’t have any formal qualifications.  

If you need to upskill and add some qualifications to your resume we offer several online courses for construction workers, including:

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