How does online training work for a building and construction course?

How does online training work for a building and construction course?

The idea of studying an online building course may seem daunting, but improvements to technology and online learning platforms has made it easier than ever.

If you have been weighing up the idea of enrolling in an online construction course and wondering what the benefits of studying are, here’s what you need to know.


Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace. It has practical advantages if you are time poor and worried about juggling work and family life with your study. You can log in anywhere, and anytime, and you’ll also be able to hit pause if something unexpected pops up.


Studying an online building course isn’t just reading from a screen.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) brings interactive animations, slides and charts to the student experience, Techskill Academy’s Head of Product Daniel Tran said.

“Students will generally work their way through the learning content and demonstrate their knowledge and skills at the end. Assessment includes knowledge questions, video submissions, and project submissions – such as reports, spreadsheets or business plans.”


How can you learn about building and construction skills online when it’s such a physical work experience?

Although some units are geared towards building an understanding of administrative tasks and legal obligations, the online courses have been designed by industry experts to ensure there is still an emphasis on teaching and evaluating practical skills such as constructing landscape features or retaining walls.

Access to a worksite will allow you to carry out and submit assessment so you are still gaining the physical experience of building and construction training.


Our online building courses are designed to ensure you get the support you need. We have an experienced and friendly support team to assist you every step of the way.

From my first call Guy was beyond helpful. I was unsure about a lot of the process, and he walked me through it. Called me 3-4 times during the process and was never late to call me when we planned a time. It was the easiest process!said former building and construction student Tim Reid.


You might be able to use your existing construction skills and experience to qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you can provide evidence of industry knowledge you have gained over the years you might be able to use it towards your qualification and reduce your study time. RPL is a time-efficient way of gaining a formal qualification.

“Techskill assessed all of my skills and experience and were able to recognise that experience as prior learning. I was able to upgrade from my 20-year-old Associate Diploma to an Advanced Diploma with RPL from all my on-the-job experience,” said graduated student Nadine Czerner.


You can take a  FREE Skills Assessment today to see if you are eligible for RPL. You can also get in touch to discuss your study options with one of our education consultants. 

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